The Seattle Times just ran an interesting article about the many positives of the Alki neighborhood of West Seattle, and it includes the balanced negatives of a place that has become over-appreciated and over-populated by many visitors in the summer months.

The lifestyle, views, huge expanse of public waterfront access, shops & restaurants, and relatively quiet neighborhood (for 8 months of the year) are all discussed, including interviews with some representative local residents. The downside of all the appreciation during the summer months (crowding, tight parking, increased crime) are also addressed. This it its cost for being popular and a beautiful place to spend a day, or live a year or more…

West Seattle provides an unusual combination for Seattle, given its sometimes suburban feel, terrific views either to the west across to the Olympic Mountains or northeast to the Seattle city skyline and Cascade Mountains, and its wonderfully long and scenic waterfront walking paths and parks. The shopping is plentiful and self-sufficient. The access to Seattle is good too over the West Seattle Bridge, although it can get congested in peak rush hour times. The people who live there tend to enjoy it immensely and protectively, as its own part of Seattle that is also a separate community “island” across a bridge.

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