Ahoy! Welcome to the June-July issue of WaterHavens Newsletter. It has been a gorgeous past few months to enjoy the beauty of our idyllic waterfront communities around the Puget Sound area, with more fun and sun to come.

The waterfront market has remained strong, mostly in step with the rest of the residential market. There are many factors behind this. Some of the demand is specific to waterfront: sunny weather makes buyers have a stronger desire for the wonderful waterfront lifestyle, and waterfront homes were slightly more affordable since they had previously dipped over the past couple years in relation to the more steady upward gains of homes closer to median price ranges. Some of the demand is a part of the current overall market: lack of new buildable sites, economic and job improvements, concern about missing the opportunity to lock in low interest rates, and recent sales records have resulted in fewer sellers (since they recently bought) at the same time that there are still more buyers wanting to get in on home ownership or move upwards in their type of home. And some of the demand is related to higher priced properties in general: stock market increases have bolstered down payment options, home owners have been able to roll over their home equity gains from one home into the down payment for a more expensive home, while others are able to afford/leverage higher priced homes through creative financing options such as adjustable rate mortgages, interest-only loans, zero/low down payment loans, no income verification loans, and such.

The season is upon us for inviting friends and family to enjoy the many benefits of our own WaterHavens, in addition to participating in the many community events centered around the waterfront. Check out this issue of WaterHavens Newsletter for recent sales in your neighborhood, current listings, and waterfront news, and fun events. Please forward this newsletter along to your interested friends and neighbors.

Happy 4th, and enjoy a WaterHaven! Our waterfront is the best in the world.

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