Good news that we will have local King County (Des Moines) state representative Dave Upthegrove to lead the Select Committee on Puget Sound. He was elected chair last month, and he will help bring south King County viewpoints to the table when deciding how to address Puget Sound clean-up and how to improve its longer term environmental health. There are a number of different legislative districts that border the sound, so it’s beneficial for us to have a local presence in the lead.

The initial goals for the committee are broad and far reaching, and as such may not get anywhere for a while as politics, budgets, and priorities get straightened out. However, these committees eventually define – or at least guide – new legislation and regulations which impact waterfront home owners. Bulkheads, septic system design and policies, new development, remodels, setbacks, vegetation, dock permitting, and many other topics can eventually be affected and existing regulations can be changed. Keep in contact with your local representatives and with Dave Upthegrove if you have opinions and feedback on how to best preserve the long term health of Puget Sound. It’s always a tricky balance between owner rights and our ecosystem’s health, so your inputs can help provide elected officials with a feel for “the local pulse”.

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