Geese can be a troublesome part of local lakefront living for some. Geese love wide open manicured grass that comes to the water’s edge, like many home owners have. Lawns provide them with foraging spots and open sight lines with no hiding places for predators. The main downside for many waterfront owners: what the geese leave behind…

The easiest way to get rid of geese on your lawn is to create a native vegetation buffer between your lawn and the water. This blocks the sight lines and access routes that geese prefer, and they will move on to open lawns elsewhere. Choose native vegetation of varying heights so that you can frame and enhance your views, with a majority of low lying bushes and native ground cover so that your views are maintained at your eye level but not at the geese’s eye level.

This also provides other benefits to your property. Native vegetation buffers such as this help filter pollutants from your lawn before they enter the lake, and they provide insects for fish and birds. Also, in the rare event of severe wind that creates a lot of high wave action, the larger vegetation will protect your soil and landscaping from erosion far better than grass.

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