Bill Virgin, the Seattle PI’s veteran business reporter, recently wrote an interesting article about area economic development efforts behind capitalizing on community waterfront locations. His article’s opening remarks are worth repeating. The concept certainly applies to individual waterfront homes as well as large scale waterfront community development:

“Our ancestors may have crawled out of the water millions of years ago, but we haven’t traveled far since then. Even in our present, highly evolved form, if we’re not playing on or in the water, then we like to live, dine or work next to water, or just spend a lot of time staring at water.

No denying it, water still holds considerable allure for humans. People flock to cities on water. And when humans want something that is in relatively finite supply, then its value goes up.”

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  1. Property in BrazilAugust 18, 2008 @ 4:17 am

    I think waterfront is very handy when we refer to the price of the homes that contain them. They really add more value to the property and give the sellers a chance to get some good profit out of that deal. These waterfronts are always lovely to watch and even enjoying there in the water. That’s what gets the attraction of the buyers towards these homes and properties.

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