“Stodgy and industrial” Bremerton has been getting a reputation for thinking outside of its historical box in terms of how to best make its waterfront a centerpiece for the community and economic development. The Bremerton Naval Shipyard and the Washington State ferry terminal had long been the primary utilitarian focus along the shoreline. Now parks, residential condos, convention center, and more are already underway, all centered around the waterfront.

The mayor of Bremerton – who was previously the mayor of Bellevue – has been learning from the positive and negative experiences of other waterfront communities around Puget Sound, Lake Washington, and the entire country. As an outgrowth of his community’s efforts, the Urban Waterfront Revitalization Conference is planned for September 10-12, 2008 at the Kitsap Conference Center in Bremerton (brochure). This conference is also being used to spearhead formation of the nascent group called Urban Waterfront Alliance.

Urban Waterfront Revitalization Conference 2008 at Kitsap Conference Center in Bremerton

The program (or see the program brochure) has a very interesting and diverse line-up. Here is their summary:

“The program addresses core concepts from projects at all stages, from strategy to implementation and beyond. Sessions will feature stories from individual communities – large and small – transforming their waterfronts. The program will also cover key areas such as:

Celebrating and Marketing Your Waterfront
Public and Pedestrian Waterfront Access
Transportation Access Issues
Urban Waterfront Housing
Sustainable Waterfronts
Public Engagement
Financing Your Project
Design and Built Elements”

It looks to be an intriguing conference for anyone desiring to expand the community value of local large scale waterfront concepts.

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  1. The expensive condo’s are not selling and Bremerton’s downtown is still an business wasteland. The marina is empty and will never survive without taxpayers bailing it out every year. The handful of wealthy old retirees moving downtown in don’t have much life left in them. Mayor Bozeman uses his cronies from Bellevue to ramrod growth the citizens of Bremerton don’t want and can’t afford.

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