Latest news from King County regarding the King County Shoreline Master Program:

“The King County Council held a public hearing on the proposed update to King County’s Shoreline Master Program, as it passed out of the Council’s Environment and Transportation Committee, on September 20th.Ten members of the public presented testimony to the full County Council.

Many of those testifying requested additional time to submit written comments to the County Council. The Council Chair responded by extending to October 1 the date for the County Council to receive written comments. Comments can be provided online, by email or by postal mail.

The public hearing was then closed. The date for final action will be rescheduled. No Council action will be taken on September 27th.

To learn more, the King County Council has information, including the committee chair’s proposed revisions to the executive proposal for the Shoreline Master Program, available at

If you have any questions about Council’s review of the Shoreline Master Program, please contact Kendall Moore (206-296-1631) or Rick Bautista (2026-296-0329), of Council staff.

King County Comprehensive Plan. A link to testify on line is found at this webpage.”

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