Homes on the Seattle area waterfront have a number of benefits: easy access to many amenities and fantastic views, among others. The houses, however, also can need specific maintenance compared to regular inland properties. While you are probably prepared for a storm event, you should know how to take care of your waterfront house for day-to-day maintenance as well. Use these tips to keep your property in good condition and find any issues before they cause major issues.

Watch for Corrosion

Salt in the water is damaging to many elements of your home. Generally, symptoms first appear on anything metal. If you utilize patio furniture, ensure it is covered in off-season. This heops prevent the salt from corroding it. Prior to covering it for a long period of time, power wash your furniture as well to remove any dirt. A detail many waterfront homeowners may forget about is their door lock. Even these can slowly rust and you may not notice until your key doesn’t slide in easily. These may need to be replaced more frequently.

Consider Area Carpets and Furniture Covers

Most people who live at a waterfront property are constantly inside and out. The outdoor activities in Seattle in the area are well renowned. This, however, causes sand and dirt to track throughout the house with your shoes and clothing.  Put area rugs in high traffic areas that you can shake out. Place covers on your furniture to be washed so the pieces last longer.

Monitor Your Humidity Levels

Waterfront homes near Puget Sound can have slightly higher humidity levels than other areas of Seattle. This needs to be monitored, especially during the summer when humidity peaks. Keep on top of this to prevent any mildew, mold, and peeling paint.  You can also add a dehumidifiers if the humidity level is constantly high.

Look for Pests

Like any home, if there are any small holes around the exterior of your home, you can run into problems with water ants, mice, or even nesting squirrels. Sometimes the natural beauty of an area can bring more “nature” to you than the same home in a small urban de-forested parcel, though usually nothing too unusual.  You may want to hire a professional company for yearly preventative steps.

Puget Sound contains 1, 400 miles of shoreline with over 300 islands. This means you have plenty of areas to choose from when buying your waterfront property. Though the home may take more maintenance, the benefits and views are well worth it. Talk to the professionals at Waterhavens to get started on your search.

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  1. I appreciate your suggestion of putting area rugs in the parts of the home that are experience high traffic so that the floors retain their integrity and protected from sand and dirt. I will be sure to mention this to my mom since we will be buying an oceanfront house soon. Considering how the current house’s floor was damaged by dirt, I am sure she will be more than willing to keep this in mind. She loves the floors after all.

  2. Scott PriceAugust 16, 2018 @ 11:05 pm

    Glad that it was helpful, Mina. Enjoy buying your new WaterHaven!

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